When using the java based upload below, you will need to accept the certificate if asked.
Note: When uploading your file(s) be sure to compress them to keep the integrity of the files

  • On PC files use .zip or .rar formats
  • On Mac files its best to use .sit or .sitx formats
  • Features of the system
  • Our browser based solution works well on Macintosh and PC Computers
  • On Macintosh computers, you will need to use Safari
  • On PC based systems, you can use the browser of your choice

When you have completed your file transfer, you will need to send a email to: or use our online "Send File Information" below.

Include the following in your email:

  • Client Name
  • Contact Information
  • Is the job "FSC" or "SFI"
  • Description and Specifications
  • Quote Reference Number
  • Sales Representative
  • Proof requirements (physical or web/e-mail)
  • Delivery date and instructions
  • Any other information that will help us to process your job in a timely manner
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