We have four solutions for our customers when it comes to uploading your print file(s) to our pre-press department.

When your job submission has been completed, use our "Send File Information" button to fill out our online form to let us know that you have uploaded a job. This will greatly help us to process your job file(s) in a timely manner. The feature is also available under the "FTP File Information" in the pre-press section.

When sending files, be sure to compress your files to keep file integrity. If you are using the FTP Droplets, file(s) will automatically be compressed before being sent, so there is no need to compress the files using this solution.

Solutions and Features:

FTP Droplets:

  • Easy to install
  • Works on Macintosh and PC computers
  • No login or passwords needed
  • Drag and drop upload
  • Droplet will compress your files, login upload and disconnect
  • No file size limit

FTP File Server:

  • Access the login and password online
  • Use your own ftp client
  • No file size limit

Files by E-mail:

  • File size limit is less than 10 megabytes
  • Good for small files

Browser Based Java:

  • Use your browser to upload / download
  • No login or password needed
  • No file size limit
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