FTP Site Login Information:
Host Name: ftp.thoroughbredprinting.com
User Name: files@thoroughbredprinting.com
Password: customer

The Thoroughbred Printing FTP site is now up and running to better assist our clients with sending us print ready files. Our FTP site can be accessed from both Macintosh and Windows via the internet or FTP Client. We have added droplets and a browser based solution to the web site

If you are using FTP software on a Macintosh we recommend Fetch. For a windows based PC, we recommend LeechFTP, CuteFTP, or CoreFTP. Most FTP clients are usually shareware programs and are available for free download on the internet. If you are unsure how to install or use your FTP program, contact your local network administrator for the proper settings to insure you are able to connect to a FTP server outside your network. Once you have a FTP software client installed, use the connection information listed in bold above, to log onto our FTP site.

Filezilla is an open source FTP client that is updated regularly and is free to use. For an overall solution to upload to our server, this software is recommend.

If you are using Windows Explorer to upload files be sure to type: ftp:// before the host name in the Explorer address bar. (example - ftp://ftp.thoroughbredprinting.com). If you are using IE 7, type in the address and then go to "View" and click "Open FTP site in Windows Explorer". If either of the above receive a "FTP Folder Error" go to "File" and click "Login As..." and then enter the complete user name and password in the appropriate fields of the browser popup window

Once you are logged into our FTP site you will see a folder named "incoming". This is the location where you will upload your files. It is recommended that you Stuff (.sit, .sitx) or Zip (.zip) all your documents into a single file before transfer

After you have completed the upload of your print ready files please send an e-mail containing the job name and file name of your uploaded file to our Production staff at preflight@thoroughbredprinting.com. Also be sure to alert your Customer Service Representative and/or Sales Account Executive on the same email, this will help us to get your job processed and ready for proofing as quickly as possible.

You can also notify us of your file upload by using our "Send File Information" feature.

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